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Find out what you and others like you think about the future of Blackwell and what we need to do to make it happen.


Our organization works closely with our local and state partners to provide incentives to help in your relocation or expansion project


Welcome to the Blackwell Economic Development Authority! Our goal is to cultivate growth and prosperity in our community. As a city located in Kay County, Oklahoma, Blackwell is a prime location for any business looking to expand or relocate. With our skilled workforce and local resources, we can help your business thrive. Reach out to us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help your business succeed.

Our Story

Two trust authorities

under one roof.

The Blackwell Industrial Authority has a long history of working in Blackwell under various versions of the name. On June 17, 1969, a trust indenture forming the final authority name of the Blackwell Industrial Authority was created to promote the development of industry for the benefit of the City of Blackwell. Since then, the Blackwell Industrial Park is home to several manufacturing, agricultural, and renewable industries.

The Blackwell Economic Development Authority is a trust under the City of Blackwell that was established December 1, 2016. Its purpose is to promote economic development in a wide scope of areas to benefit the City of Blackwell and surrounding communities. The BEDA is the Economic Development organization operating to support existing businesses for expansion and growth opportunities and attracting new business to Blackwell.

Target Industries

Distribution Hub

Distribution hubs serve as central points for the efficient movement of goods, facilitating the storage, sorting, and transportation of products to various destinations. These hubs play a critical role in supply chain management, optimizing logistics to meet customer demands and reduce delivery times.


The technology industry encompasses a broad range of sectors focused on the development, production, and utilization of innovative products and services. From software and hardware to telecommunications and biotechnology, it drives societal advancements, economic growth, and transformative changes across various sectors worldwide.


The energy industry is a vital sector encompassing the production, distribution, and utilization of various energy sources, including fossil fuels, renewables, and nuclear power. It is a cornerstone of modern civilization undergoing rapid transformation towards cleaner and more sustainable practices.


The agricultural industry encompasses the cultivation, processing, and distribution of food, fiber, and other products derived from plants and animals. It is essential for providing sustenance, supporting rural livelihoods, and ensuring food security for global populations while facing challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and technological innovation.


The manufacturing industry involves the production of goods through the use of machinery, labor, and raw materials. From automobiles to consumer electronics, it plays a crucial role in supplying products that meet consumer demand, driving economic growth and employment opportunities globally.



In Blackwell, OK

There are several site opportunities available within our Industrial Park and surrounding areas. Sites support clusters in renewable energy, agriculture, manufacturing, warehouse distribution and housing development.


Many of our sites are eligible for federal opportunity zone, new market tax credit, tax increment financing, and potential bond financing.

Contact us to discuss our lease, build to suit, or sale options!






Blackwell, Oklahoma is ideally located on the East side of the I-35 corridor in Northern Oklahoma, less than 15 miles from the Oklahoma/Kansas border. 

The Blackwell Industrial Park is a 500-acre, rail-served industrial park and is home to several light to heavy manufacturing, agriculture, renewable energy, and construction companies. 

The park is situated less than a mile from the I-35 corridor and has U.S. Highway 11 frontage roads. The Blackwell Municipal Airport is 6 miles from the park.

The Blackwell Industrial Authority, a trust authority of the City of Blackwell, owns several parcels of land for future economic development. The BIA has bonding capacity and can lease, build-to-suit, or sell available acreage.



So many possibilities.

This site is 143 contiguous acres just north of the industrial park and is currently zoned as agriculture. The site is just outside city limits and is less than 3 miles from Interstate I-35. This site qualifies for New Market Tax Credit.

143 Additional Acres
north of the park

This site is 53 acres of U.S. State Highway 11 frontage and is less than half a mile from Interstate I-35 corridor. This site qualifies for New Market Tax Credit, Federal Opportunity Zone, and is located in a TIF District.

U.S. Highway Frontage

This rail-served site is certified ready by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and has all utilities available. The site is 40 acres and is zoned heavy industrial. This site qualifies for New Market Tax Credit, Federal Opportunity Zone, and is located in a TIF District.

Dewey Acreage

Prime acreage in great location! Walking distance to local bank, shopping and dining. Available for Lease, Sale, or Build-to-Suit options.

602 N 13th Street
9.5 Acres, AVAILABLE




At Blackwell Economic Development Authority, we pride ourselves on our highly qualified team of local businesses who are dedicated to fostering economic growth in our community. We work closely with these businesses to support incoming industries and provide job opportunities for our residents.

Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad is a short-line railroad headquartered in Blackwell, Oklahoma.


CFM Corporation is a gray and ductile iron foundry specializing in creating custom iron castings.

(580) 363-2850

LABW is known for delivering top quality American made parts for the petroleum, chemical, water treatment, boiler, pressure vessel, steam generation, and heat exchanger industries.

(580) 363-1312

Describe the business here. Write a brief description of their capibilities.


You’ll find CMC construction solutions at the heart of much of our modern infrastructure — from essential highways, bridges, to  buildings all over the world.

(214) 689-4300

Specializing in aluminum, plastic, and wood patterns, the 12,000 square foot facility occupies 12 dedicated employees, with over 175 years of combined foundry and pattern making experience.

(580) 363-1543

 Beautiful Shapewear Made Of High-Quality Fabric. Feel Confident In Our Comfortable Designs. Look And Feel Great In Cupid Intimates® Shapewear.

(877) 649-5283


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